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Comprehensive markdown editors comparision

In my previous post I have introduced markdown and after that I have invested a couple of time testing some of the text editors supporting Markdown that are available in the market; in fact there are dozens of products available with myriad features, but I have chosen only a few to try out, based on estimated cost/benefit and time for testing.

This is my comparision table so far.

Some features were considered mandatory, as full markdown support, iCloud support for OS X  & iOS products, full-screen / distraction-free writing, so I decided not to include them in the table. Unfortunatelly some developers do not offer a trial/version of their products (as Byword) so I had to consider the information from their website only. The table may be updated with new products and/or features as I found them important to this analysis.

Ulysses is not just a text editor as the other applications, it is instead a full feature software for writers; but I have found it so nice that it deserved to be presented here.

I don't have a winner yet; Texts from was near to be my choice as there are Windows and OS X versions and the exporting features are fantastic, but it has 2 annoyances: it automatically renders the markups (almost wysiwyg) and we have to type an space after the closing markup characters  otherwise they are recognized as plain text. StackEdit and iA Writer (I am testing the Pro version) are really nice products; StackEdit runs on the browser so I can use from both my Windows and OS X machines and this is important to me; although I own an iPad this is not my primary writing platform (yet).

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